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After spousal loss, you feel more alone than you've ever felt before. No one gets it and help is scattered and hard to find.

Using our combined widowed communities, professional connections and references for our personal experts, we are able to help you get actionable solutions for just about any widowhood question or dilemma you can throw at us! #BattleTested

We also pride ourselves on the fact that we don't give you generic advice, then leave you in the mess. We apply our coaching and networks to work through your storms WITH you, so that you know HOW to help yourself, and eventually can do it on your own – but the first time around, we are right there holding your hand.

We believe in our motto, “Better Together”. And that definitely makes a big difference.

“Omg I’m so happy with all the things I’ve learned working with Maya. I’ve learned REAL acceptance, I’ve learned about myself, who I AM now - and where I can USE that - not just what my LABEL is and what my circumstance look like. There’s a BIG difference, and I’m glad I can take that with me in life now, no matter where life takes me.”

- Aleisha G.

"The program has helped me gain clarity on what I had at my disposal, what I could develop inside myself, and what I wanted my every day to be like - and how to USE that information in REAL TIME to actually TWEAK my life to fit ME (instead trying to fit into the "autopilot" life I thought I was doomed to just "exist" in.) <3

- Tee W.

"I went from depression and hopelessness to having a direction and actually working thru this grief thing. I am so proud of myself. I can't believe all that I’m doing and finishing every day now, with how I was feeling before. I look forward to my days. And that is a much bigger deal than I can express here.."

- Michele T.

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